Pengertian Conjunction

Conjunction adalah kata yang berfungsi untuk menghubungkan antara kata, frasa, klausa, atau kalimat. Dengan menggunakan conjuction, kita bisa membuat kalimat yang kompleks. Selain itu, conjuction membuat kita menghindari ketidakberaturan kalimat-kalimat pendek dan membuat writing flow kita menjadi lebih baik.

Tanpa conjunction, kita dipaksa untuk mengungkapkan setiap gagasan kompleks menjadi kalimat-kalimat simple seperti contoh kalimat di bawah ini.

Sandy asked me to come to her party. I could not come. I got sick at that day.

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Aturan Penggunaan Conjunction

Terdapat beberapa aturan penting dalam penggunan conjuction, yaitu:

1. Conjuction digunakan untuk menghubungkan ide, tindakan, dan noun, clause, serta kelas kata lainnya.

Contoh kalimat: Sarah and I went to the movies and watched The Nutcracker and The Four Realms.

2. Conjunction berguna untuk membuat list.

Contoh kalimat: John makes pancakes, eggs, and coffee for breakfast.

3. Ketika menggunakan conjunction, pastikan bahwa kelas kata yang dihubungkan dengan conjunction bersifat paralel (mempunyai struktur yang sama).

Contoh kalimat:

  • I learn fast and carefully.
  • I learn fast and am careful.

Jenis-jenis Conjunction

1. Coordinating Conjunction

Sering disebut dengan istilah “Fan Boys” conjuction.

Coordinating ConjunctionFungsiContoh Kalimat Coordinating Conjunction
ForMenghubungkan sebab pada akibat.I had to clean the floor as a punishment for making a mess.
AndMenghubungkan ide sekelas dan sama.I like fishing and hunting.
NorMenghubungkan dua kalimat negatif.She doesn’t eat meat, nor does she drink milk.
ButMenghubungkan ide sekelas namun berbeda.I like to eat fish, but not to catch them.
OrMenghubungkan dua pilihan sekelas.Do you want to drink tea or coffee?
YetMenghubungkan ide sekelas namun bertolak belakang.It’s sunny yet cold.
SoMenghubungkan akibat pada sebab.I didn’t get enough sleep last night, so I’m so sleepy right now.

2. Correlative Conjunction

Correlative conjunction selalu berpasangan.

Correlative ConjunctionContoh Kalimat Correlative Conjunction
Both … andBoth London and Paris are worth to visit.
Not only … but alsoJapanese food is not only delicious but also beautiful to look at.
Either … orIt’s going to rain! Bring either an umbrella or a raincoat.
Neither … norMy grandfather could neither read nor write.
Whether … orI am not sure whether he is lying or not.

3. Subordinating Conjunction

Subordinating conjunction merupakan kata pertama dalam dependent clause. Conjunction ini digunakan untuk tiga jenis klausa, yaitu:

Adverb Clause

FungsiSubordinating ConjunctionContoh Kalimat Subordinating Conjunction

As, Just as

As long as

As soon as







Just as we left, he came.

I waited as long as I could.

While I was studying, she called me.





I like to shop wherever there is a sale.

I use my credit card everywhere I shop.

CaraAs, Just as

As if

As though

I love wearing make-up as most women do.


JarakAs + adverb + asWe will hike as far as we can before it turns dark.
FrekuensiAs often asI call my parents as often as I can.



I can’t take evening class since I work at night.
TujuanSo that

In order that

He moves so that his home is not too far from his office.
AkibatSo + adjective + that

So + adverb + that

Such a(n) + noun + that

So much/many/little/few + noun + that

I was so tired last night that I fell asleep at dinner.

She talked so softly that I cannot hear her voice.

It was such an easy test that all students got A’s.



We won’t go diving unless the weather is better.
Partial ContrastAlthough